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Uniden Police Scanner ProVoice/DMR/NXDN Software Upgrades Keys


Upgrade your Uniden Police Scanner at home with DMR/Provoice/NXDN to unlock the full potential of your Uniden scanner!

We will email you the proper codes to unlock these modules.

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Programming Software Upgrades
DMR Uniden Software Upgrade
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ProVoice EDACS Uniden Software Upgrade
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NXDN Uniden Software Upgrade
[Add $75.00]
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Unlocking your scanner requires you update the firmware of your radio to the latest version to make the DMR, ProVoice, and NXDN features work. After you upgrade the firmware you will see a menu item in the Settings menu that says "Upgrade ProVoice" and "Upgrade DMR/MotoTRBO". If you do not see this menu then the firmware needs to be upgraded.

The firmware update for BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS200, and SDS100 scanners are done with the Sentinel software.

Firmware updates for the other models are done at “” replacing with your scanner’s actual model. For example:

After the firmware has been updated retrieve the ESN and SUM codes from the scanner. Copy them EXACTLY into the drop downs above. BOTH codes are required. We are not responsible if you provide the wrong scanner information.

To get your key, you'll need your scanner's Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and Checksum.

  1. Power on your scanner.
  2. Press MENU.
  3. Scroll to SETTINGS, then press E.
  4. Scroll to SEE SCANNER INFORMATION, then press E.
  5. Scroll to FIRMWARE VERSION, then press E.
  6. Write down the digits following SN in the 3rd line, then the 3-character checksum from the 4th line.

* If you cannot physically access your scanner's serial number, Replace the "260" in your ESN with the letter Z. For example: 37926038001234 = 379Z38001234

  • You can order one, two or all three upgrades for each radio.
  • Upgrades will work only on the radio they were purchased for and are not transferrable to another radio.
  • If you upgrade the firmware or reprogram the radio after the upgrade the DMR and ProVoice functions will remain on the radio, they will not be erased.
  • Upgrade keys will be sent to the customer via email. Please be sure you provide a proper email address. Be sure to check your spam or junk mailboxes as sometimes these replies are falsely flagged as spam.

ProVoice/DMR/NXDN Upgrade Return Policy

Upgrade Keys are non-transferable and non-refundable.


You will receive your keys via email.  Follow the instruction below to install you new keys.

Now, apply the key for the upgrade you purchased by following these steps:

  1. On the scanner, press MENU.
  2. Select Settings --> Upgrades, then press E.
  3. Scroll to DMR/MotoTRBO or ProVoice, then press E.
  4. Using the scroll knob to select each digit and the 4 and 6 keys to move left and right, enter each digit in the unlock key. After each group of digits, press E.

Scanner Upgrade keys

I have put the codes into my scanner and it works perfectly.

Thanks a lot!

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Excellent work

I'm living outside US and the guys here at BCW helped me a lot in a hours to upgrade my scanner.

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    How much is your programming service? What does it include?

    We currently have two rates for our programming service,

    *P2 or XT Model Radios we charge: $70 for the first county & $35 Per Additional Counties.
    *HP or Homepatrol Model Radios we charge: $45 for the first county & $15 per Additional Counties. 

    Our programming service includes all Police, Fire, EMS-Rescue & State patrol frequencies for the desired county or counties you add.