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“Ordered my scanner Thursday got it Friday Crazy right and I didn’t even pay any extra to get it in one day! Programmed for Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Baltimore City and still got it the next day. Great job Bearcat will definitely do business with you guys again. PS I don’t think I will ever buy from scanner master again not with the superior service your company provided me. I will share with my friend and family when it comes time for a new scanner. 5/5 Stars"

Mike Johnson

“Great company with fast shipping, excellent customer service and absolutely awesome programming....will definitely be recommending to all my family and friends. Thanks again for the stellar service. 5/5 Stars"

Jennifer Hohman

“After I got my email about trading in my scanner I called a few times and mailed my scanner to them. I had a long talk on the phone with Paul. I have always had a good experience with them. Paul got me taken care of quickly and shipped my new scanner to me. 5/5 Stars"

Dino Polignone


“After calling several companies, someone told me about Bearcat Warehouse. I knew 0 about scanners. Paul patiently spent time answering all my questions and directing me to a very impressive Uniden SDS 100. He had it programmed to my needs, informed me thoroughly about the product, and shipped it from the MD to CA in two days. Upon spending some time with it, I realized how amazing the product is and Paul really delivered. The ease of use exceeded my expectations. The sound clarity is amazing..."

jp Adventures


“Highly recommend the Bearcat team are the best [ Paul & Mike ]. I have also made other buys one I can recommend is the programming you want, let them do it. I will be a customer from now on. RJ. 5/5 Stars"

Ray Riggins


“I accidentally ordered the wrong scanner programming and Paul corrected it within 5 min. I will use bearcat warehouse again. 5/5 Stars"

Whendy Durham


“I was told the pain and frustration of programming a scanner could be handled by bearcatwarehouse.com for a reasonable fee. Well they held up their end of the bargain, Extremely Satisfied Customer -Gil Grayn 5/5 Stars"

Gilbert Grayn


“By far the best scanner so far,I have been in it since I was a kid,The person that was talking about reception is right I have no problem you need to know how to place your antenna need to be in this for sometime to let you know the dues and dont’s of everything that you work with,I have no problem at all with this unit it’s clear and precise does everything I have asked of it,And more what a great unit."

The Bear


“Paul, thank you. I tried the scanner out with the rubber antenna and the long 15 inch antenna. The 15 inch antenna I was reaching a train as far as 20+ miles I can hear them talk before getting to me. But anyway, the scanner is absolutely fantastic!! Thank you. Tom."



“I cannot say enough about the helpful, friendly and expedient service I received. I called yesterday at lunchtime hand spoke with a gentleman to verify my items were in stock. I asked about special programming and normally it takes an extra day to turn around. However, he ensured me if I got my order in quickly he would do everything he could to get it programmed and out the door yesterday. Well, he did, I received it today, it works perfectly and I could not be happier. Bearcat Warehouse has..."

Gavin Helme

“Paul was super helpful. We talked for a pretty long time. He guided me through scanning as I was brand new at it. I'll be ordering my first scanner soon thanks to Paul!"

Vilis Kuskevics

“Paul, Thank you so much I received my scanner today excellent very happy very interesting frequencies thank you so much I hope to buy off you again, Yours Truly Wayne Bailey"

Wayne Bailey

“Paul, I have received the 325P2, it appears to be exactly what I was expecting. Thank you for your attention and professional service. I will recommend you to anyone that is in need of perfection."

Doug Jenne

“Thanks a lot. I have put the upgrade codes into my scanner and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot ???? Have a great day over there! Best Regards Tom"


“Hey folks! (EVERYONE at Bearcat Warehouse) I just want to give everyone at Bearcat Warehouse a H-U-G-E THANK YOU!! For exceptional service and delivery. When I say everyone I mean just that, yeah even the person who stocks the toilet paper in the restrooms. Your prices (almost always) cannot be beat, your delivery times cannot be beat, your stocking levels cannot be beat (I've done my research on this one). How are you folks pulling this off? My guess is you have a solid T-E-A-M...."


“This was the first time ordering anything from you folks and I have to admit that you folks are the easiest people to work with. I ordered a scanner then added programming then upgraded the scanner to a different package. In all of this that would have sent many companies through the roof the Bearcat Warehouse covered all the changes easily and professionally and hit the price spot on. Thanks guys for doing your job so very well. It’s nice to support American companies!! Mike"



“I wanted to thank you for the great and fast service! The item arrived just a couple of days after I ordered it. It works great with very good programming. I posted to the latest thread I found on radioreference about you with that information. I get everything I want with the baby antenna shipped, but for better reception I need to drill a hole in the wall and install a cable for an outdoor antenna when my wife is not looking.. Thanks, glenn"



“I'm enjoying the sds100 up and down the interstate every night. I didn't think there was so much LEO to hear out there anymore. Amazing device in GA, SC. Not so much in Florida. SDS100 not too good with FM. My BC75XLT smokes it in that regard. Gary"



“Paul Thank you for getting back to me with your suggestions. I must say I am impressed with your suggestions and for getting back to me so quickly. You have supplied me with some of the best customer service I have ever had and when I'm ready to buy, I will come back to your company. Thank you"



“Thanks for the reply. The radio is fantastic! I believe that your suggestion of a better antenna may be the issue. The one I have outside is several years old. I am going to replace it with a new one and new RG cable. FYI, I am only 3 blocks away from the Hancock County Regional Communication Center and their main antenna. Being so close, you may be right by saying a better and newer, more powerful antenna may be the issue. I do know that when I disconnected my external antenna from..."


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