"We will be switching our production from using 8GB TLC type SD cards to 4GB MLC type SD cards (we actually originally provided 4GB TLC cards then did an unadvertised change to 8GB)" Paul Opitz, Uniden's Product Manager, announced today.

"All devices will eventually wear out an SD card (if it does any writing at all). I typically have to replace my dashcam's 2 cards every 3 months or so. It is just the nature of the SD technology.

The benefit of MLC, and what makes it worth us changing even though it will be at a lower (but still the advertised) capacity, is that MLC NAND memory has a tremendously longer life. It is recommended for use in dashcams, security video cams, and other devices that do intense data writing. They advertise up to 12,000 hours of continuous video writing before failure (in 64GB cards).

So, when you go to replace your card, we are now highly recommending you get an MLC type card. They are typically advertised as 'industrial' or 'high endurance.'"


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