If you live in an area where your local public safety agencies utilize DMR or MotoTRBO for their primary communications then you've probably purchased a radio scanner only to find out that it doesn't work. Until now the only option you had was to return your radio and either wait for your area to change their technology or wait for someone to make a scanner capable of receiving it. As of today, Uniden is happy to announce that the wait is over! Users will now be able to purchase a single paid upgrade for their BCD436HP or BCD536HP to unlock the DMR firmware upgrade. Just like the ProVoice upgrade released in January, Bearcat Warehouse will be offering this exciting new upgrade as an add-on option to our popular Optimization service.

From Uniden's Announcement: Using the Uniden BCDx36HP radios, upgraded with the DMR upgrade, you will now be able to seamlessly monitor unencrypted channels on the following system types:

  • Conventional Analog channels
  • Conventional P25 Digital channels
  • Motorola Type I and Type II Trunked Radio systems with Analog and Digital (P25) Voice
  • EDACS Analog trunked radio systems
  • LTR Analog trunked radio systems
  • APCO Project 25 Phase I and Phase II Digital Trunked Radio systems
  • EDACS trunked radio systems with ProVoice channels (paid ProVoice upgrade required)
  • Conventional Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) channels (paid DMR upgrade required)
  • MotoTRBO Capacity Plus Trunked Radio systems (paid DMR upgrade required)
  • MotoTRBO Connect Plus Trunked Radio Systems (paid DMR upgrade required)

Uniden is the only scanner manufacturer to offer those bolded items, above. Plus, we have even more Uniden exclusive features in these models, including:

  • Close Call® RF Capture
  • Dynamic Memory Architecture
  • Location-Based Scanning with GPS Support
  • Trunked and Conventional Discovery Modes
  • WiFi connectivity with iPhone and Android Apps (BCD536HP only, Android App coming in 2016)

Not sure if your area is using DMR or MotoTRBO? We can help! Contact a Bearcat Warehouse representative today to get the information you need to find the perfect scanner.

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