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Will not take credit cards . Says there is an error when I try to check out

We accept, Visa, American Express, Mastercard & Discover. If you have an issue processing a payment we recommend contacting your bank to see if there is a potential hold on the card. We can also send you a digital invoice to your email if needed too.  

For Further help you can either call or email us.

P: 1-877-568-7226
E: Admin@bearcatwarehouse.com

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Uniden Digital Scanners
I have a digital scanner BCD536 HP with the Wi-Fi connector I’ve downloaded the Siren app how do I make it connect to where I can hear when I’m away from my house

The BCD536HP Siren app only works on a WIFI Network it doesn't have global functionality. 

Could you tell me the measurements of the Uniden 885

Size (L x W x H):

8.1 in. L x 7.28 in. W x 2.2 in. H

Can I program the SR30C By Hand with the frequencies that I have in the older model scanners from bearcat?

Yes, the SR30C allows you to program analog frequencies by hand.

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Uniden Accessories
how to program BC125AT from radioreference I am a member of radioreferance

If you're programming the radio manually through the keypad you would hit Function + Program, then enter the desired frequency and press E.

I also recommend checking out our BC125AT youtube video, This will show you the operation of the scanner and how to program it using the Uniden Sentinel software.

Uniden BC125AT Walk-Through

Can I listen to other cities out of state with this

You would have to be within a 50-mile Radius of the desired agency to hear their Radio transmissions. 

Are the antennas for the BCD 396 T you show OEM made by Uniden or are these after market antennas ?

The Female Rubber Duck antenna "BATG0469001" is the OEM product by Uniden.

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Uniden Scanner Programming
How much is your programming service? What does it include?

We currently have two rates for our programming service,

*P2 or XT Model Radios we charge: $70 for the first county & $35 Per Additional Counties.
*HP or Homepatrol Model Radios we charge: $45 for the first county & $15 per Additional Counties. 

Our programming service includes all Police, Fire, EMS-Rescue & State patrol frequencies for the desired county or counties you add. 


I have a Beartracker CB/Scanner radio. The SD card isn't working. I would like to purchase a new card, but I don't know which to order. Please advise. Thank you. Jeff D

We've recently added an option for the 885 on our SD Card selection. 

how to search frequencies at race track

In the scanner menu you can use the service search option to scan for Racing frequencies. We also recommend our Nascar programming service, this way your scanner would have all the Nascar frequencies stored into banks instead of searching for them.  


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