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Bearcat Warehouse Programming Services


What is Optimization?

If you are looking to purchase a Home Patrol series scanner we strongly recommend adding the Optimization service as well. With the Optimization service we apply any and all firmware and/or database updates to the scanner (which you will have to do if it's not performed by us) and create a list or lists specifically for your local area and optimize the trunking sites to your area so no unnecessary site scans are performed. We'll even install the batteries!

I thought I just entered my zip code?

While the zip code feature is very handy to have while traveling in an area you are not familiar with, or have no real particular preference as far as what you’re hearing, it is not very desirable for monitoring something like a tri-county area. What the zip code basically does is act as a starting point in the database and then uses the scanner’s range setting to figure out what systems should be activated. The problem with this is that so many states have statewide systems that all of the counties share and the scanner can’t differentiate between a tower in your county and one on the other side of the state, so the list of places it has to check for transmissions gets bogged down. The zip code activates a geographic chunk but does not offer a true local scanning experience. For example, if you enter a zip code for our location just outside of Baltimore, MD it activates the database for MD, DC, VA, PA, DE, and sometimes NY or NJ, as well as the nationwide frequencies. That’s about 4,500 channels. Since we are really only interested in the 2 counties that we are in or near we created a favorites list for just those counties and it only contains the 35 channels or so that we actually wish to monitor.

I already own a Home Patrol series scanner. How can I get it Optimized?

If your scanner’s database, firmware, or programming is out of date (or you're seeing the dreaded "SD Card File Error!") and you do not have access to a PC our Preprogrammed SD Cards are the perfect solution. Where most scanner programming companies force you to send your unit in for programming (that can take weeks) our SD cards can be purchased online 24/7 and will ship to you the next business day—no need to send in your scanner! Like our pre-shipment Optimization service our Preprogrammed SD Cards have all the necessary database/firmware updates, local public safety programming, and are formatted specifically for your scanner.

County Programming

What is County Programming?

County Programming is our public safety programming service that applies to the trunking scanners we carry that are not database powered, such as the BCD996P2 and the BCD325P2. These units are what we call “empty scanners” and require more programming and configuration than the Home Patrol series units.

How can I get County Programming on my scanner?

If you’re purchasing a new scanner simply select the number of counties you wish to monitor under County Programming on the product page and then fill in the county name(s). If you already own a scanner that you wish to send in for programming please visit the link below:

Bearcat Warehouse County Programming Form