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  • SALE BWZG1666001 USB Cable

    Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD

    The Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD covers police, fire, EMS, local government, public works, forestry radio service and park rangers, marine radio, railroads, aircraft, news/media, some federal government operations, and many other frequencies. The database covers frequencies throughout the U.S. and its territories. Learn More

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  • Scancat Lite Plus Public Safety Combo

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    ScanCat can program Any frequency you wish, no matter what or where. Services like FRS, GMRS, Marine bands, CB, Nascar, Ham etc are a piece of cake with SCL. If you have multiple scanners you can seamlessly transfer and clone the memory contents of your radios. You can customize your scanner far beyond its out of the box capabilities-- All with a simple click of the mouse! Learn More

2 Item(s)